Playco: New Zealand’s Leading Playground Supplier

By maintaining our commitment to continuous product development and customer service over the last 30 years, Playco is now New Zealand’s leading supplier of quality playground equipment. In our association with our international partners Proludic, Playco has access to leading design and innovation technology to better fuel children’s imagination and sense of adventure.

100% New Zealand Made

Playco is a family-owned New Zealand company that has been operating since 1986. We employ New Zealand mums and dads to design, construct, and install our fantastic playgrounds, and believe there is no-one better qualified to understand exactly what Kiwi kids need for playground equipment than the team at Playco.

Clean & Green New Zealand Materials

Playco has adopted a Pride Policy in using only New Zealand grown and supplied products, where possible. We use home-grown suppliers where we can to support our local communities.

Our timber only comes from sustainable-yield forestry. Our suppliers have a policy to replant forest areas within one year of harvest and guarantee that for every tree that is felled at least three saplings are planted.

Quality Statement

Playco undertakes its own stringent in-house quality programme. Our factory-based Triple Check system ensures the absolute quality of every single aspect of a playground’s assembly. All of our products and services are constantly evaluated, from sales and management, right through to the final packaging and despatch of goods.

Our goal is to continually achieve a quality assurance procedure that includes supplying durable, well-constructed, reliable products along with improvements to our installation methodologies. Underlying this is our Best Practice compliance to the New Zealand Playground Safety standards – NZS5828:2015, while also attempting to exceed future standard upgrades as these become applicable.

All equipment is designed to comply with the New Zealand best practice standard NZS52828:2015. Our playground equipment is regularly tested both in-house and in the field, and is independently inspected to be compliant to the most stringent safety and quality requirements.




Proludic has 25 years experience in the design of play equipment and the creation of freely accessible play and sports areas. Our creativity, know-how and experience enable us to propose unique design solutions that meet the needs of both the users and those tasked with maintaining the facilities. We challenge established ideas to create appealing leisure areas containing innovative and original products.



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Safety Certifications

Playco is NZS5828:2015 certified.

Safety is Paramount

All Playco designs are manufactured to meet and exceed New Zealand safety standards. Playco is certified to the New Zealand Safety Standard for Playground Equipment and Surfacing. All Playco quotations are supplied complete with independent confirmation that we meet this standard.

Playground Fundraising

Playco can support your playground plans by helping you to tap into the millions of fundraising dollars readily available in support of playground projects in New Zealand. We can give you immediate access to funding providers, and assist you with easy-to-implement fundraising ideas to get you started building your new playground.

Our Commitment

At Playco our philosophy is to design and build state-of-the-art playgrounds that continuously challenge and delight Kiwi kids as they play. We are proud to offer safe, innovative play environments that maximize the outdoor fun experience. With manufacturing and sales offices in Auckland and support staff in Christchurch, backed by a team of nationwide representatives, you’ll find the collective experience of Playco’s design team and consultants invaluable when building your next playground.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are available on our website and supplied prior to acceptance of supply of our products. They offer a comprehensive agreement around our products and services and ensure we do exactly as we promise.

Playco Quality Assurance

When Playco was established in 1986, Telegraph pole-style adventure playgrounds were in vogue and safety standards were less robust than they are today. As we evolved we set about designing innovative play equipment built to higher safety specifications, setting the standard for playground construction in New Zealand.

Playco Quality Standards

  • Highest quality H5 grade timber posts
  • Almost all manufacturing materials sourced locally
  • Triple Check quality process system
  • Galvanised steel posts and components
  • Highest quality paint finish system
  • Fully compliant to New Zealand safety standards
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Comprehensive, no surprises quotes
  • In-house CAD designers
  • Free on-site consultations
  • Staff is fully site safety trained
  • Products independently engineered
  • Designs are structural engineer inspected and approved
  • Designs independently certified to NZ playground safety standards NZS5828:2015
  • In-house level 3 (highest available) playground inspectors with the Register of Play Inspectors International, England
  • Each installation has a site specific safety plan issued and followed

Meet the Team

  • Ross Archer

    Managing Director

  • Ryan Archer
    Ryan Archer

    General Manager

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nicholas

    Commercial Manager

  • KP Holay
    KP Holay

    Design and Production Engineer

  • Luke Spratt
    Luke Spratt

    Area Sales Manager

  • David
    David Morrison

    Area Sales Manager

  • Shelley Thomson
    Shelley Thomson

    Marketing Manager

  • Hannah Swann
    Hannah Swann

    Project Manager

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