Shade sails are a great way to help combat the harsh NZ summers.

Shade Sail

Nerd fact: dating back to Ancient Egyptian times, shade sails can help in creating outdoor shade based on the working of a sail used in ships.

These sails contain a flexible membrane that is tensioned with the help of several different anchor points. Specially designed for public gathering places such as playgrounds

Characteristics of A Good Shade Sail

Sails are made up of waterproof fabrics, can resist any kind of fire, and can withstand long-term wear and tear. Also, these shade sails are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The most commonly used sails are mostly in the shape of square, triangle, or rectangle. A combination of different kinds of sails can be built on each other with different shapes and sizes to boost the overall appearance of the environment where the shade sail is installed.

The best thing about sails is the number of design options that are available in the market. A sail that is visually exciting is much different when looking at the heights of different fixing points. As everyone knows the sun comes out in the East and goes down in the West, keeping this in mind, the sail should be designed in such a way that the shade should be maximized during the afternoon.

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