How much do your playgrounds cost?

All depends on the size and amount of equipment. A small playground starts at around $5,000. A typical school playground averages about $50,000.

How long do your playgrounds take to make?

We take about 4- 6 weeks to make it, and then maybe a couple more weeks of coordinating delivery or installation.

Can you design exactly what I want?

Almost! Playco are one of the few playground manufacturers in the world that have the capabilities of designing to suit your specific needs. What ever we design must also be signed off by our Engineer to make sure it is strong and safe enough.

Can you personalize play panels?

Another specialty of ours is to put whatever you want in the way or graphics and art onto a play panel. Our Offshore partner Proludic has a unique product called Grafic Games that allows a total playground to be presented in graphics, art or presentation as you would like.

What is your sales process?

We work with your front start to finish, that is why we are unique in being playground experts. You let us know what your dreams, ideas and requirements are, we discuss possible budget restraints and area location options, and then we design up to best match your needs. Included is a comprehensive and complete quotation to finish the project completely. Our designers are are sales people so they stay with you from the first step to the end hand-over of your finished playground. Our Playground designs are virtually an exact replica of what we supply you with so quickly can realize the end result.

What is your warranty?

Our warranties and guarantees are industry leading and offer up to 50 years protection! As we have been going longer than 30 years making playgrounds, the longest in the New Zealand market, we recently reevaluated our warranties realizing our product was easily lasting the test of time. We still have quality playgrounds in the market that are 39 years old.

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