We have installed our swing and it is fantastic!  It looks fabulous and the kids are really enjoying playing on it.

Freya Hogarth, Hope School

Mark Newdick Landscape Architects have worked with Playco on several projects now and have always found them a pleasure to work with. They have a high level of professionalism and no request or alteration was too much to ask for. Playco provide a very large range of great quality equipment and they will work with you to fit any budget. We would highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in future.

Jordan Kuiti, Mark Newdick Landscape Architects

Everything has gone well and at the moment the park is going off, heaps of activities happening, boxing, crossfit and are connecting up with the equipment.

CEO Reweti Ropiha

It is a real pleasure to do business with such a great team at Playco. I personally feel after all my research over the four years searching and doing my homework and hands on experience with other companies that Playco is by far the best playground provider I have had pleasure of doing business with. I would like to say that the new playground designed by Playco created a fabulous adventure for our young students. It has been our best investment here in the junior school. It offers a multitude of play opportunities for students here at Kristin and it is an asset for gathering parents and young siblings out of school hours to explore and communicate with each other. Thank you Playco.

Michelle Koster, Crockford, Environmental Manager, Kristin School

Our new playground is amazing. We loved having Luke visit us and discuss our ideas. We had big ideas! We surveyed the school and discovered students would love to have a new fort, tunnels and lots of colour. This was a extension maths class and we had to work out perimeter, size and the area for the play equipment. The children love the spinning wheel, rope tunnel (that we designed to connect the old playground to the new) and fort. It’s challenging and exciting.

Thank you so much!

Extension Maths group, Torbay School

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