Custom School Playgrounds & Outdoor Play Equipment

School is for more than reading, writing and mathematics. It is also for social, character and physical development. It is for these reasons schools need to give their playgrounds great consideration. How much space do we need? How many kids does it need to cater for at any one time? What age group is the space going to cater for? How do we use the playground to nurture physical development in our kids?

We have put thousands of playgrounds into schools and can talk you though all of these questions. As well as ensure that the project fits in your space and budget.

We can also ensure that it will be safe to use and will remain so for many years of play.

We can work with your board of trustees, parent and teacher committee or even student-led school council to make sure all the stakeholders are heard.

Our design time, plans and quotes are free so you have nothing to lose from a good coveration with one of our team.

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