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Product Spotlight: Roll Runner J3510

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Product Spotlight: Mini-trail J51000

Looking for something mobile? Our Mini-trail J51000 is portable and adjustable!

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Proludic has 25 years experience in the design of play equipment and the creation of freely accessible play and sports areas. Our creativity, know-how and experience enable us to propose unique design solutions that meet the needs of both the users and those tasked with maintaining the facilities. We challenge established ideas to create appealing leisure areas containing innovative and original products.

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Butterfly playground

GSWeb are the world’s leading name for net-based play equipment.
We make fun, exciting and challenging children’s play equipment that’s safe, dependable and long-lasting. We make it by using the same technology developed for the design, production and construction of bridge cables. These net-play products use incredibly tough and long-lasing nylon coated wire ropes. With strength, elasticity and vivid colour built-in to every fibre, reinforced with steel, you won’t find a better way to built brilliant net-play products.


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