Shade sails are a great way to help combat the harsh NZ summers.

Shade Sail

Nerd fact: dating back to Ancient Egyptian times, shade sails can help in creating outdoor shade based on the working of a sail used in ships.

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Did you know we are the only Playground company in New Zealand where the person you meet with is the one designing your playground?

Playco reps

No middle-men, no passing the information along, the rep you see is the designer you get!

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As part of the prize from our competition at the NZPF conference this year, Kedgley Intermediate School won an inspirational talk from William Pike…

Kedgley students

Congratulations Kedgley Intermediate School!
The prize was a Playco Sponsored talk from inspirational speaker William Pike, of the William Pike Challenge Award! The kids were treated William’s remarkable stories, including surviving a freak Mount Ruapehu volcanic eruption. An eruption which claimed one of his legs, but left his drive to succeed and passion for adventure unscathed.

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The office team is installing a playground!

Building a playground

The team at Playco understand the business of creating a dynamic playground, through to putting it in the ground.

Here we are at Northcote Primary School in Auckland building their awesome new playground ready for next term. Playco are one of the only playground companies around where our reps are the designers. This means from start to finish we understand the whole process.

After this week we might even get out there and install some more playgrounds!

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A Step-by-step Process


The prospect of building a new school playground can be a daunting one. With so many questions and decisions can an overwhelming prospect.

At Playco, we have a process in place to clearly set out each step in the process:

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Inclusive Play, Every Day

Inclusive Play Aerial

When talking about inclusivity, a different meaning of the word will come to mind for all of us. For Playco, it means considering who will be using the space and how they will be moving around it. Playgrounds are somewhere for everyone to come together. They should be a social space, helping develop cognitive and behavioral skills through play and interaction. All children are the same in one way; they want to have fun!

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Money money money

Piggy Bank

Once you’re given the stamp of approval on a Playco design and received the budget, next comes sourcing the money for the build. Applying for funding or fundraising for your playground are great ways to help reach your budget. We’ve compiled some great tips to help you bring your playground to life.

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Waimauku Lions Playground

The Lions Club motto is “We Serve”, and the Waimauku Lions have certainly served the community of Waimauku an amazing playspace for years to come.

This was the Waimauku Lions’ Club centennial project, they wanted to do something big for their local community. Playco worked with the local children and with Auckland Council, and we designed a large communal space for multi-generational play. Based on a jungle theme and with an emphasis on lions and the Lions Clubs symbol, this playground never has a dull moment.

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Island Bay Playground

Transforming History into Every Day Play.

The community of Island Bay wanted a nautical themed playground that would offer fun and excitement for the local children while reflecting the location by the sea. The area had a history of trader vessels coming and going past the shores, and the occasional vessel came to grief and was sunk.

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Make your dream playground a reality.

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  • Cute little playspace  in Kelburn Park in Wellington!

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  • Named after two founding families of the area, the Gribbles and the Hirsts, Gribblehirst Park in Sandringham playground is still going strong after a few years of hard use!

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  • A true adventure playground, the students at Paremata School in Porirua are thrilled with their new playground!

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  • More visits from the top dogs here at Playco!  Featuring bonus baby Braxton loving every doggy minute!
Also happy birthday 🥳 to Ross Boss!
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Find where the fun is.
  • Milverton Park in Palmerston North is one of our very favourite playgrounds. We have to snap a pic every time we go past; we think it looks pretty snazzy at all times of day!

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  • Been in use for a while, but it's a classic! Mazengarb Reserve is a sports park in Paraparaumu featuring a GSWeb  net climber! The space also includes swings and junior module with play panels!

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  • Check out Trentham Memorial Park in Upper Hutt, it's got something for the whole family!

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  • The hard work of the team from Tauhei Combined School has paid off! Opening their new playground this week, the community came together to celebrate the new space in style. The students helped design the playground, featuring the school colours, swings, an assault course and a custom 7m flying track!

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